Six Week Cannabis Career Course Features Certifications and In-Person Coaching

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PA dispensary applications may be ready as soon as this Fall (2016)

Some PhillyNORML members have put together two courses for people seeking to join the PA Cannabis industry.   One course will cater to people seeking careers in the new medical marijuana industry.   The other course caters to potential business owners.   Want to get a dispensary license?  Build a grower-processor business?   Start a PA medical cannabis laboratory?

Our 6 week course for cannabis career seekers is described here.

Our 12 week course for cannabis business owners is described here. 

View our Recorded Online Information Session (recorded June 23 at 7PM).  You’ll see the instructors talking about their roles and learn about the specific modules we’re rolling out.

Unlike many current one day seminars, these courses will be delivered over several weeks (6 weeks for the cannabis career seekers and 12 weeks for the cannabis business owners).   The team building the course includes a seasoned startup coach, a Colorado dispensary operator, an attorney, a physician specializing in cannabinoids,  an RN and more.   Every participant will receive a toolkit that they’ll customize over the duration of the course to create their own career maps or business plan.   Multiple, in-person sessions will be held with the team to work on your plans in a live setting.  Networking will be an important part of this offering as well.  You’ll be meeting other people getting into the industry.

Each course will include two certifications, including one on Core Cannabis training from the gold standard Americans for Safe Access.   The ASA certification ensures you understand the background of cannabis in the US, the application of medical cannabis and current laws that impact people working in the industry.    The Cannabis Training Institute training will provide a certification in “Dispensary Technician”, “Cultivation and Processing” or “Laboratory Standards”, depending on your career or business interest.  These certifications can be used as credentials in PA – or any other state that has a legal cannabis program in operation.

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“We’re excited about the potential to help people really prepare for this new industry.  Starting a new career or business is hard.  Starting it in a completely new industry is tougher still! We’ve worked to put together a high quality offering that brings the latest information to you just as you need it to make your career plans.   We’ll be providing regular updates on the new PA regulations – and will have specialists on hand to help with applications, guide you through career options and give you the tools you need to succeed.”, says Skip Shuda, PhillyNORML board member and founder of Green Rush Advisors, the company providing the new courses.

Want to learn more?   Check out our free information session about these courses (recorded on June 23).   You’ll be able to meet the instructional team and coaches and ask your questions.   The courses are scheduled to begin on August 1st.

The Career Seeker Course is described in more detail here.

The Business Builder Course is described in more detail here.



2 Responses to "Six Week Cannabis Career Course Features Certifications and In-Person Coaching"

  1. Sandra  June 19, 2016 at 11:49 pm

    I would love to register for this I have a head shop n help many people with CBD right now n like to move n open A place there my name is Sandra Moerlins email # 315-250-5863 thank you

  2. William  December 22, 2016 at 9:32 am

    I have years of Customer Service in different fields. I have an in depth understanding of the science and application of the Cannabis plant. I live in central PA near Williamsport and am a great worker. Very honest, reliable, approachable and knowledgeable. Keep me in mind and you will not regret it.


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