2016 Philadelphia Cannabis March Scheduled for May 8th

2016 Philadelphia Cannabis March Scheduled for May 8th

The annual Philadelphia arm of the Global Cannabis March takes place on Sunday May 8, 2016! Join us as we take to the streets to share the message of legalization, celebrate the passage of SB3 (now known as Act 16), and celebrate the numerous cities across the state which are joining Philadelphia in decriminalizing cannabis locally. Will Pennsylvania be the next state to fully legalize and regulate cannabis? Five or six states will get to vote on legalization ballot initiative this November, but we’re working on it. We don’t expect to be the 24th state for recreational, but somewhere in the low teens.


  • 3:30PM – Gather at the corner of 8th St. and Market St.
  • 4:20PM – Begin the march west towards City Hall
  • 5:00PM – Arrive at City Hall east side, do a lap around it
  • 5:10PM – Arrive at City Hall north side for rally and speakers

SPEAKERS (list may change at any time)

  • Derek Rosenzweig and Chris Goldstein from Philly NORML
  • State Representative Jordan Harris (D-Philadelphia)
  • N.A. Poe (Comedian, Activist, Community Organizer)

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